About Giant Productions.

Founded in 2015 by Mike Bodkin and Jordan Freda, Giant Productions is the creative division of Giant Propeller, a full-service marketing, and brand growth agency. At Giant Productions, we specialize in content production and advertising asset generation. As marketing specialists, we understand the importance of top-tier content and how to develop it for the right audience.


A Los Angeles

Power Duo.

Before starting Giant Propeller & Giant Productions, Mike Bodkin and Jordan Freda gained a wide range of content creation and production expertise in Hollywood, CA. After spending 15 years working on blockbuster films, TV commercials for fortune 500 brands, animation projects, and music videos for some of today’s top artists, it was time for Bodkin and Freda to team up to fulfill their ongoing creative endeavors.

Meet The Founders.


Mike is a business leader and entrepreneur who focuses on building and growing disruptive companies. Mike considers himself a professional "creative problem solver” and, with almost 20 years of production experience under his utility belt, it's easy to see why. Mike started his career in Hollywood, helping Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures, Warner Bros., and Dickhouse Entertainment on several high-profile features. Bodkin then added 35 blockbuster films to his resume as the Executive Producer at Stereo D and had the pleasure of collaborating directly with iconic filmmakers such as Steven Spielberg, James Cameron, and Guillermo del Toro.

Mike continues to push and support his team with each creative project, and, in 2020, he won a silver Telly Award for Giant Productions’ work on a documentary short for the healthcare industry.


Jordan is a multi-talented entrepreneur and brand-building Jedi. Equal parts creative and business savvy, Jordan grew up in the ecommerce era where he learned the ins and outs of modern brand building, launching his first DTC startup at the age of seventeen.

From there Jordan directed and produced content for legendary musicians before starting his own production company in 2009. During this time he and his team worked on visual effects for blockbuster Hollywood movies, as well as  commercials for Fortune 500 companies and large advertising agencies. He also served as a Creative Director for several noteworthy startups before moving on to Co-found Giant Propeller with Mike in 2015.

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