Introducing the all-new limited edition Sprayground luggage. Check out Madzilla getting spaced-out in the cosmos, Liza Lash in a runway show at 30,000 feet, Sprayground founder David Ben-David himself shredding the gnar on an epic shark-infested wave, Anthony Alcaraz navigating a mind-bending Hong Kong cityscape, and Stacey Hash floating in a purple pool of “sizzurp”... Get packed. The Journey Begins.

Sprayground Luggage

Leaned Up - ft. @staceyhashh

Surf's Up - ft. @davidbendavid

Spaced Up - ft. @madzilla

High Up - ft. @liza_lash

City Up - ft. @anthonyalcaraz


Agency / Production / VFX: Giant Propeller | giantpropeller.com
Director: Jordan Freda
Producer: AJ Kelly
Agency Producer: Oscar Velasquez
Cinematographer: Ed Wu
Talent: Liza Lash, Madzilla, Stacey Hashh, David Ben-David, Anthony Alcaraz
Production Designer: Jo Crandall
Stylist: Kassey Rich
Still Photography: Brian Morris
CG/VFX artists: Jet Grey & Shkumbin Ferizi
Song/Artist: Bricks (feat. Dak) by MEMBA